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We are the number 1 painless website development and management business.

We don’t just build websites. We build your entire online presence. From helping you secure the perfect domain, arranging hosting and email accounts to getting you recognised on Google and findable on all popular search engines. We are truly your one stop shop for painless website development and management.


This is the core to the appearance of your organisation online. There are almost unlimited options available with new top level domain coming available regularly. For the majority of businesses, in Australia, it is best to look for a com.au domain as this is seen as adding credibility. It is becoming popular to use some of the more boutique options like:
  • .club
  • .biz
  • .pro
  • and many many more.
It is recommended to pick a domain with as few characters as possible that reflects the name of your organisation. We are happy to advise and assist with domain searches. If you already have a domain, great! We can work with domains registered with any registrar. It may require you to provide login details. As a GoDaddy Pro Member anyone with a GoDaddy account can simply invite us to manage their account, so this is our recommendation.
Smooth Noodle - Number 1 painless website development and management

Hosting and SSL

There are many many options available for hosting and it can be confusing. We are happy to discuss your requirements and advise on a suitable, cost effective solution.

Put simply, you can get hosting from as little as a dollar or two per month and upwards of $600 per month. And you do get what you pay for.

If your website is simple and for information purposes, and you don’t lose anything if it’s unavailable for a while, the cheaper shared option may work for you. If you are losing money, by the minute if your site is down, it’s obviously best to pay for performance and reliability.

We monitor all sites we manage and respond to outages quickly to ensure a minimum of downtime.

SSL certificates are, today almost mandatory. Without it browsers, like Google Chrome, will deliver a warning to anyone accessing your site telling them it is not secure and advising against visiting. Fortunately, SSL certificates are now relatively cheap and easy to access. We can advise and / or arrange this for you.

Website Development



The most popular website CMS platform, for very good reason. WordPress is free, very stable and reliable and simple to work with. Setting up a WordPress site is fairly detailed, for the uninitiated, but once a site is developed it is pretty simple to update and maintain yourself. So we offer options;

  • We set it all up, get it the way you like it, give you some training and hand over the keys so you have complete control. We are, of course always here if you need us though.
  • We do all of the above and continue to manage, maintain and update the site for you.



This is a plugin for WordPress that allows customisation of your theme and a lot of other features that often require multiple plugins such as; forms, maps, social media integration. We are an Elementor Pro subscriber which allows us to access all of the amazing features and apply them to your site for a very minimal annual fee.


When the internet was young, websites were designed to be viewed on desktop computers, because that was what we had. Now, up to 80% of traffic to a website is from mobile device. Therefore, every website we build is designed to be viewed on a mobile first and optimised for fast downloads.

Email Set Up

@yourdomain adds credibility

We all know an email like mybusiness27@gmail.com leaves us less than impressed. The wonderful part of having a great domain is having the ability to create as many email addresses as you like. And emails like;

  • info@mybusiness.com.au
  • sales@mybusiness.com.au
  • steve@mybusiness.com.au

provide so much more credibility and recognition to your clients.

Choice of Provider

Many hosting providers offer emails as part of the hosting service. We can assist with managing this, but it isn’t, what we consider the best option. These services are often set up poorly, suffer form deliverability issues and can be difficult and unreliable for the end user (you).

There are a number of very good options available at very reasonable prices. We use and recommed;

  • Googles’ G Suite
  • Zoho Mail
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